GSoC - 7th Report

hi all,

This is my 7th status report (05 July to 19 July).

This week I fixed some bugs, made some improvements in the factory system (now the formats are dynamically loaded, no more predefined formats), some refactorings in the Format classes and started reading about XML Processing Instructions and dbhtml.

This weekend I started writing an example Package (to render the Philip Olson's alpha especification of an IDE function, in the next days I'll write a brief documentation about how to write and run your own PhD Package.

New classes:
Package_PHP_PDF: Class to render of the xhtml formats
Package_PHP_BigPDF: Base class of the xhtml formats
Package_PHP_KDevelop: Base class of the xhtml formats

Format_Abstract_PDF: Abstract base to the PDF format and the PDF Wrapper
Pakage_Default_PDF: Class with the (element|text)maps and format_ functions

Improvements in the Factory system.
Some refactorings in the Format classes.

Design the XML Processing Instructions support (dbhtml).
Start coding the dbhtml support.

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