GSoC - 8th Report

hi all,

This is my 8th status report (20 July to 1 August).

In the last two weeks I wrote the support to XML Processing Instructions, did some fixes in trunk and wrote some proof-of-concepts about how to test PhD. Now is time to write tests. We're also planning to implement a new feature to allow the use of customized indexers.

Now the IDE-Package(package to create output formats to help the PHP IDEs, and create funclist.txt and friends) is in trunk, in the Package dir. For while the IDE-Package is an extra work, I'll pay more attention to it after GSoC.

We decided to focus in fix the bugs in trunk, write tests and implement support to multiple indexers, so the packages to render the books Docbook: The Definitive Guide and Producing Open Source Software will be written when the priority tasks are done.

New classes:
PIHandler: Abstract class for the Processing Instructions Handlers
PI_DBHTMLHandler: Class to parse the DBHTML Processing Instructions

Closed Bugs:

funclist.txt output format

Proof of Concepts for testing PhD

Write more tests
Implement suport to multiple indexers
Fix bugs in trunk/


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