GSoC - First Week

Hi all,

This is my first GSoC Status Report and I'll tell you about the Community Bonding Period and the first week of GSoC.

Community Bonding Period

During the Community Bonding Period a was reading the documentation about DocBook, understanding the code of PhD and learnig important things to the project. I also started to familiarize myself with the community. We agree in to start coding the project in May 23th and the deal was: while you don't have patches, no CVS account :).

1st Week

In my first week, I began coding a new feature to PhD: the --package option. With this feature you can simply paste the format classes in a folder and PhD will automatically detect them.

Example: If you have a new package of formats called PHP-GTK, all you have to do is paste the package in the packages/ directory and run PhD:

phd -d .manual.xml --format xhtml --package PHP-GTK

The design was discussed on the mailing list as well as in our IRC channel. I'm trying to listen the opinion of each member of the community before make decisions. I submitted the patches for reviewing and now I finally have a CVS account \o/.
This feature is a very important to make PhD more generic and flexible. Now, we don't need modify the main code of PhD to add a new format. For while the --package option is only available in PHD_ENTERPRISE.

My task now is begin merging stuff from ENTERPRISE to HEAD, this is not a simple task and I'll do this throughout the project.

see you next week!

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