GSoC - Third Week

hi all,

This is my third status report (7 June to 13 June).

This week I proposed a design for merging PhD Enterprise to HEAD With that design we will be
able to use all the features of PhD Enterprise and the current output
formats of HEAD (using adapters), the formats will be grouped in packages
and the packages are pluggable. We will reuse almost all the classes of PhD
Enterprise, the PhDFormatFactory class was written in my first week. To
reuse the themes of HEAD is necessary to write packages to adapt them to

This week I also begin coding the abstract formats and the default package.

In my schedule the current task is "Make concrete formats plug and play" but
it's already done, so my tasks now are:
- Discuss the interface of the abstract formats.
- Finish coding the Default package.
- Begin porting the old PhD Themes to the current design.

Important Note: This week we are planning to begin moving PhD to use the
PEAR filename and class convention.

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