GSoC - Second Week

Hi all,

This is my second status report (31 May to 6 June).

This week I began merging stuff from PhD Enterprise to HEAD. The Enterprise
branch has a really better design than HEAD. The indexer is storaged on a
SQLite database, some design patterns were used and there are not themes,
only output formats. On the other hand, Enterprise is no longer updated and
doesn't have as many output formats as HEAD. As I said in my last report
I'll make this merge throughout the project, the main difficult is because
the design is very different in both the versions.

In fact, this week I began killing the themes in PhD :), and merging the
code written on the first week (the --package option) to HEAD. My main task
now is separate the formats in abstract and concrete classes. The idea is
make easy write your own PhD output format.

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