GSoC - 4th Week

hi all,

This is my 4th status report (14 June to 20 June).

This week I wrote the Default package, that will be the base of the next
packages (TDG, ProducingOSS). Also I started porting the Pear Themes to the
new design.
PhD now is working with namespaces and pear conventions \o/, kudos to
Christian Weiske that made the changes so fast. One day I'll be as fast as
you guys ;)

New classes:
Package_Default_XHTML: Base class of the xhtml formats
Package_Default_ChunkedXHTML: Chunked html format
Package_Default_BigXHTML: Big html format
Package_Default_PHP: PHP format, working only with the phpdoc yet.

Started porting the Pear Themes to the new design:

Merged the code of Theme, Theme_XHTML, Helper, with the Format and
Format_Abstract_XHTML classes.

Port the Pear Themes to the new design (Using the SQLite indexer/Remove
the legacy code from HEAD)
Fix bugs in the Default Package

In the Pear Themes we have a CHM theme and I have to study this format
before code, I think this task will spend more time to be done.

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